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Amandine Píu is a French illustrator. She first studied Visual Communication in Lyon, then went on to achieve her dream of becoming an illustrator when she graduated from the Decorative Arts Illustration Studio in Strasbourg.

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3 months ago

Why not try The Red Suitcase by Giles Baum. Published by words & pictures.
World Kindness Day

5 months ago

Out now! The Red Suitcase by Giles Baum, illustrated by Giles Baum. Published by words & pictures.
Out Now!

5 months ago

Could there be a better time to read The Red Suitcase by Giles Baum from words & pictures

8 months ago

Explaining what's going on in the world and the news can be difficult, particularly to children. The Red Suitcase can help you find the right words to use. By Giles Baum from words & pictures.
Refugee Week