I Don't Like Parties

Abigail Balfe Abigail Balfe

About the book

Cat DOES NOT LIKE PARTIES. Not even a little bit.

They're noisy, and smelly, and way too bright - they're just no fun at all.

But Cat does like their friends. And their friends seem to LOVE parties. So they sit through the loud music and whirling disco lights, even if it makes their eyes sting and their ears hurt.

That is, until one particularly chaotic and unruly party makes Cat question if anyone really does like them after all...

This debut picture book from brilliantly talented author/illustrator Abigail Balfe celebrates difference, friendship, and compassion in a way that is full of clever, playful humour and a whole lot of heart.

For older readers:
A Different Sort of Normal

Publication Date
06 June 2024


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I Don't Like Parties - Jacket

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