A House Without Mirrors

Mårten Sandén Moa Schulman

About the book

New b-format edition of this moving ghost story, whose author won the 2015 Astrid Lindgren Prize

Thomasine has spent months living in her great-great aunt's dusty, dark house with her father, and her aunt, uncle and cousins. While her father's siblings bicker about how much the house must be worth, her distant, elderly aunt is upstairs, dying, and her father has disappeared inside himself, still mourning the death of Thomasine's little brother.

But one day, her youngest cousin makes a discovery: a wardrobe, filled with all the mirrors missing from the big house. And through the mirrors, a different world - one in which you can find not what you most wish for, but perhaps what you most need... A beautiful tale of love, grief and growing up, A House Without Mirrors is an unforgettable adventure into families and the power of love.

'Hauntingly beautiful... Reminiscent of an old-fashioned classic story with many similarities toTom's Midnight Garden in theme, this novel cannot fail to be uplifting' Outside in World

'Perhaps one of the most beautiful books I have read this year' The Book Wars

'There is plenty to hold young readers' attention in the children themselves, their convincing interplay with the adult and the general air of mystery' Books for Keeps

'Not one to be missed... Fantastic' Transatlantic Bibliophilia

'A classic story that has it all' Dagens Nyheter

MÅRTEN SANDÉN is one of Sweden's bestselling children's writers. Originally a songwriter, he has written more than 30 books, ranging from picture books to YA novels, series and standalone titles. In 2015 he was awarded the Astrid Lindgren Prize for his life's work.

Moa Schulman has one foot in a world of images and another in text; she studied literature and linguistics at Stockholm University, and illustration and graphic design at Konstfack. She designs for print, illustrates for children, and publishes books under her own Dockhaven imprint.

Publication Date
28 July 2016

Pushkin Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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