Fun with Stitchables!

Suzy Ultman

About the book

Includes 37 adorable punch-out templates to get you started!
Fun with Stitchables  introduces young crafters to the fun of simple embroidery. Quick and easy cross-stitch sewing cards are included with punched holes for easy stitching, as well as a 16-page project book with instructions for designing your own unique stitching patterns and color combinations. A project gallery shows examples of what the hand-stitched cards can become once they are complete: everything from ornaments to greeting cards! The simple stitching patterns taught in this book promote growth and development, hand-eye coordination, as well as creativity and imagination.  Fun with Stitchables  will entertain and delight crafters of all ages and inspire a lifelong love of embroidery.

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Publication Date
Walter Foster Jr
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Spiral bound

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