WWF Wild Friends: Panda Playtime


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Eight-year-old Emily's parents are travelling to the remote Chinese jungle to carry out some important work for WWF – and Emily's getting to go along too! A greedy businessman is threatening to build a new hotel on a reserve that's home to a family of Giant Pandas, and it's up to Emily's mum and dad to stop him. When she meets adorable baby panda cub, Li, Emily is even more determined to help protect his home and family. But will she be able to find the other pandas in time to save the reserve?

WWF Wild Friends: Panda Playtime - Jacket

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emily, wwf, panda, reserve, home, family, pandas, wild, friends, playtime, eight-year-old, parents, travelling, remote, chinese, jungle, carry, important, work, greedy, businessman, threatening, build, hotel, giant, mum, dad, stop, meets, adorable, baby, cub, determined, protect, find, time, save

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