Harvey Angell Beats Time

Diana Hendry

About the book

When Henry finds a strange baby hidden among the flowers in Aunt Agatha's garden, it looks like another adventure is in store - especially when little Sweetheart sprouts antennae! But when a host of ghostly women begin to haunt 131 Ballantyre Road, all desperate to catch a glimpse of the baby, Henry and his new friend Rosie know this is a job for the magical, marvellous Harvey Angell.

Henry's extraordinary friend quickly realizes that Sweetheart isn't from this world - she's from the future, and she needs to get back home before it's too late. That means a breathtakingly dangerous trip through time for Harvey Angell . . .

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RHCP Digital
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harvey, angell, henry, time, baby, sweetheart, friend, beats, finds, strange, hidden, flowers, aunt, agatha, garden, adventure, store, sprouts, antennae, host, ghostly, women, begin, haunt, ballantyre, road, desperate, catch, glimpse, rosie, job, magical, marvellous, extraordinary, quickly, realizes, isn, world, future, back, home, late, means, breathtakingly, dangerous, trip

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