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Tom, The Unlikely Dad

Tom: 32 and a dad to a wonderful son. An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Or maybe just a dad. Tom is a blogger, who shares stories of real dad life.

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Tom, The Unlikely Dad


What attracts you to a book?

The subject matter 100%. And i could get in trouble for saying this, but the cover. It should be engaging and cover the key points/summarise the book.

Who are your favourite authors and illustrators? Or who do you or your sons like at the moment?

I don't think i can pick a favourite author as an adult as the books i read are so varied in style and topic. As a child it was Roald Dahl, all the way. He is my childhood to me! And of course, illustrator - Quentin Blake. These books encapsulate my childhood. My son is currently obsessed with the Press Here book! You have to press the yellow dot on each page and follow the instructions... it's amazingly simple, yet so effective.

Are there any characters in children’s books you have read that you would like to be friends with or be? Why?

We read a lot of Pip and Posy. Pip is so kind, helpful and always helping Posy out. My sons favourite from the series is when Posy takes Pip's scooter for a ride and hurts herself. Pip looks after her and her poorly leg. My son finds that so sweet and shouts "Oh dear, oh dear!!" when we reach that page.

How do you choose books for your sons to read?

We go with books that have a nice sentiment, where he can learn life lessons and also have a little humour. Reading shuld be fun! He also chooses his own! He may not necessarily know what he's choosing but we like to be led by him.

Hervé Tullet

Press Here

View book

Axel Scheffler

Pip and Posy's Super Scooter

John Prater

Walking Round the Garden

Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter

The Dinosaur That Pooped series

Oliver Jeffers

Hueys: The New Jumper


Do you have a favourite children’s book you go back to time and time again? What do you think it is about this book that you enjoy so much?

We seem to navigate back to Pip and Posy every time... and i think it's because he loves to see Posy fall off the scooter (that sounds a little harsh!) but then Pip helps her out and they go off to play in the sand together. Its so sweet to see him enjoy and interact with that book!

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